End of Tournament – Winners 2016

Congratulation to all medal-winner 2016.

B13: Denis Gilevskiy IRE, Philip Georgiev BUL, Kijan Sultana MAL
G13: Noa Romero Blazquez ESP, Jasmine Tranter ENG, Sophia John ENG

B15: Toufik Mekhalfi FRA, Matteo Crémoux FRA, Miguel Mathis SUI
G15: Orla Young SCO, Selena Georgieva BUL, Jana Schellmoser GER

B17: Ondrej Vorlicek CZE, Scott Gillanders IRE, Yannick Wilhelmi SUI
G17: Sopie O’Rourke IRE, Alina Bushma UKR, Ambre Allinckx SUI

B19: Victor Crouin FRA, Sanjay Jeeva BEL, Sergio Garcia ESP
G19: Georgia Adderley SCO, Céline Walser SUI, Saskia Beinhard GER

Hope to see you all next year.

Draws online

Check out the draws for the Swiss JO 2016:

Please be aware that these draws could be changed again if:
– top players drop out
– if ESF advises
Check again on Thursday morning!

We will use the livescores system – match scores can be followed live.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Switzerland!

Starting Times 2016

Here are the starting times for the first Thursday-Matches:

G13 14:30
B13 14:30
G15 16:40
B15 15:00
G17 17:20
B17 15:30
G19 17:20
B19 17:55

As soon as we receive the seedings, we will publish the official starting times.